Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of Ownership  

Electric cars are now more affordable, as witnessed by the recent spike in gas prices. In addition to the tax credits that help make these cars more accessible and less expensive, many manufacturers have come out with new models that offer a more extended range of travel which ultimately reduces owners' charging costs.

While it's important to note that the actual comparative cost of ownership between an EV and a gas-fueled car is impossible to determine, thanks to technological variances, the savings could make all the difference if you're planning on switching over.

Fuel Savings

There's no question that electric vehicles are far less costly to run than gas-powered cars. Most electric cars can travel at least 300 miles on a single charge, which can be used to get you and your family around town and out of the city for a relatively low cost. Moving up to longer-range electric vehicles that can travel over 500 miles on a full charge allows you to do the same without worrying about how much gasoline costs. Sadly, many states have restricted the miles most electric cars can travel.

Maintenance And Repair

Many electric car owners make the mistake of assuming that because these cars aren't gas-powered, they won't need any maintenance or repairs. While no moving parts can be found in an electric car, that doesn't mean there aren't other ways for these vehicles to break down. Electrical storms, heavy snowfall, and hot temperatures can all cause an electric car to overheat and malfunction. Many manufacturers have also developed ways to detect if a car runs out of charge, but keeping your vehicle in top condition is still important.


Although electric cars are cheaper to run than gas-powered vehicles, they still lose value over time. This is because they're far less subject to depreciation due to fuel costs or wear and tear. However, many electric car owners find that the vehicle's value does not always match what they paid. The market also tends to remain relatively steady.

If you want to learn more about whether an EV may be right for you, feel free to contact our dealership here in San Antonio. If you discover you’d like to stick with a gasoline-powered vehicle, we carry a great new and used selection to accommodate your needs.

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