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Toyota Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist is a safety system that helps drivers avoid making unintentional deviations from their lanes. It is a valuable piece of the technology that, when activated, refines the steering of a driver who is in full control of their vehicle. It’s easy to turn the Steering Assist feature on or off and adjust its sensitivity.

How Lane Departure with Steering Assist Works

The system first uses an onboard camera to determine the vehicle’s position on the road by detecting white or yellow lane boundaries. The camera sensor works best on straighter roads and in favorable weather and road conditions. If the Lane Departure Alert system senses that the vehicle is unintentionally deviating from its position, an audible alert is activated and informs the driver of the situation. If the vehicle is equipped with an activated Steering Assist function, the system will provide small and automatic corrective steering inputs to help keep the vehicle in its lane. The Toyota Steering Assist feature is available on certain vehicles with electronic power steering (EPS)

How to Enable or Disable Steering Assist

It is a simple process to activate or deactivate the Steering Assist function. You first press the recognizable LDA button on the steering wheel. Then you navigate to the LDA menu on the dashboard using the scroll buttons that also located on the steering wheel. Once in the menu, you can turn the Steering Assist on or off and adjust its sensitivity. You can also turn the entire LDA feature by just pressing the LDA button on the steering wheel again.

As with any other automated driver assist system, it’s important to note that this system should only be used as a complement to human-controlled steering. Inclement weather, windy roads, and other situations may affect the system’s ability to sense road boundaries and operate properly. However, it is effective in many situations as long as the driver is in full control of the vehicle.

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