It can be overwhelming to learn how to use all of the different features that come as part of your vehicle. When you purchase a Toyota, you're making a very wise investment. This is likely going to be a vehicle that you're going to own for a long time. Toyota is very dedicated to making sure that consumers have all the best features included in their new vehicles. The Destination Assist technology feature is a very convenient way to use your navigation system. It also provides you with added safety while you're driving on the road. You'll be able to use a live agent to access maps and navigation, without ever having to pull over to the side of the road or fumble with your infotainment system.

Once you have started your vehicle and are ready to head out, you can press your multimedia system's main menu button. Once you have gotten to the menu, select the Destination option. From there, you'll click on the Destination Assist button. At this point, you will be connected with a Toyota live agent. If you're lost or just trying to find somewhere to go, you'll relay whatever information you have to the live agent. In just a matter of seconds, your vehicle will be fed the most accurate directions available. You have to press the go button that is displayed as part of the directions, and you will be on your way to wherever the road goes.

The Toyota Destination Assist feature is relatively new to the vehicle market right now. If you would like to try this feature out before you pick your next vehicle, stop down to North Park Toyota. We'll get you behind the wheel of a Toyota vehicle that has the Destination Assist feature, in addition to many other options. We're confident you're going to fall in love with the Toyota brand just as much as our other customers have. If you have any questions about your current Toyota and the Destination Assist feature, our service center can help you. Don't feel like you have to resist change and some of the newest features on the vehicle market. Many of these features are marketed to be very convenient, but they also increase your overall level of safety that you experience when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle each day.