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If your vehicle's engine is overheating, you'll want to have the problem fixed quickly. An engine that gets too hot can cause your car to stop working, and it can lead to damage to other parts of the vehicle as well, including the head gaskets, hoses, belts, and other components in the car's mechanical system. Engines are subject to developing problems due to a few different circumstances. Even having coolant fluid that isn't changed regularly can cause engine trouble. If you are having trouble with an overheating engine, bring your car to us for expert diagnostics and prompt service.

Cooling System Leaks

The primary system responsible for your car's engine health is the cooling system. The cooling system helps the engine stay at the proper operating temperature in several ways. The cooling system uses radiator fans to remove overly warm air from the engine, and in turn, your vehicle ensures the engine's core temperature doesn't exceed a specific number. The cooling system relies on various components to maintain the engine's function, including the radiator, water pump, and several belts and connective hoses. If any of these parts develop leaks, your car's cooling system will stop working.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat regulates coolant fluid passage between the engine and the radiator. The thermostat is a valve that opens to allow sufficient amounts of coolant fluid to move between the two parts as needed. Sometimes, the thermostat can fail to open as required, which prevents fluid from passing through. If your car shows signs of overheating, be sure to contact a mechanic, as a skilled technician can fix the thermostat before it leads to more significant issues.

Broken Water Pump

The water pump is one of the most critical parts of any car's cooling system. If the water pump stops working correctly, the car's cooling system does not get the pressure supply required to ensure coolant fluid moves along through the system to the engine. The pump can fail with age, and it can also stop working from issues such as leaks or erosion.

Broken Belts

Belts are another part that generally wears out with age. If your car's cooling system belts aren't functioning, the coolant fluid cannot reach the engine. The belts can fray if they are overused and not replaced as scheduled. Belts can also slip or otherwise become misaligned, leading to problems in the cooling system.

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