Toyota GR Supra Now Available with Manual Transmission  

The GR Supra was unveiled in 2019 as the newest addition to the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing lineup. Enthusiasm for this vehicle came from racing fans around the world. Thanks to its combination of classic design and modern performance.

The GR Supra is the latest in line with iconic sports cars from Toyota. Since the company was founded, its focus has been on developing cars. The vehicles are fun and exciting to drive.

The GR Supra embodies this philosophy perfectly. You can enjoy it on the open road.

It captures the spirit of racing perfectly. You may want to drive on a racetrack or cruise through the city streets. The GR Supra is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The Toyota GR Supra Gets a New Edition

The Toyota GR Supra will be available with a six-speed intelligent Manual Transmission. The transmission offers drivers who want rewards and control a more dynamic experience. It is a vehicle with precisely timed manual shifts.

It features a rev-matching system. It automatically blips the throttle to match engine rpm to gear speed. It gives it smooth and seamless gear changes. It also has a downshift rev-matching system. It automatically blips the throttle when you downshift. It is for a more exciting driving experience. The intelligent Manual Transmission makes the Supra even more fun to drive.

The manual transmission in the GR Supra was designed for the car. The transmission was designed to handle the power and torque. The GR Supra has a 3.0-liter engine.

It produces 382 horsepower. It was not a simple case of using an off-the-shelf solution. The engineers put a lot of thought and effort into developing the transmission for the GR Supra.

The GR Supra is receiving some essential updates for this model year. Besides the new transmission, the car's braking control systems and suspension are back.

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Are you looking for a powerful sports car with a new manual transmission? The Toyota GR Supra is a great option. We can tell you all about this exciting new model. The GR Supra is fast and exciting to drive. It will turn heads wherever you go.

The new manual transmission makes it even more fun to drive. It's sure to be a favorite among sports car enthusiasts.

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