Video: Getting an Oil Change for Your Toyota

Oil change service is a part of maintaining every car. Find out why your car needs regular oil changes by checking out this video.

When it comes to Toyota car maintenance in the San Antonio area, getting your oil changed is one of the most important, if not the most important, ones. Not to dismiss the necessities of tire rotations, brake service and the occasional car wax, but drivers who don't get regular oil changes find out pretty quickly how essential it is to keeping your car working and running the way it should.

Why Are Oil Changes So Vital to My Car's Health?

Oil is the life blood of any vehicle, regulating the extensive heat that your engine creates, which in turn prevents your car from overheating and your car's parts from melting. When you don't get regular oil and filter changes, this extreme heat brakes down the oil, causing it to become sludgy and ineffective.

How Often Should I Get My Toyota's Oil Changed?

Oil ChangeCheck your owner's manual to get a precise mileage count, but most experts recommend never going longer than 5,000 miles without getting your oil changed. This also depends on the type of oil that you have, with synthetic oil lasting slightly longer than the traditional kind.

If you're still not sure when its best to bring your car in for this service, speak to one of our factory-trained service technicians who will be able to walk you through not only a good oil change schedule on your new or used car, but also a full maintenance schedule for all the necessary services your Toyota requires.

Where Can I Find Affordable Oil Changes in San Antonio?

North Park Toyota provides top notch oil change services right here in the San Antonio area. Conveniently located off of SW Loop 401, our service center is dedicated to providing exceptional vehicle maintenance and repair to folks around the Alamo City.

Schedule an appointment with us today, or simply contact us to find out more about the many automotive services we offer!


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