North Park Toyota Donates Two Cars to Deserving ISD Seniors

Winners of North Park Toyota Vehicles Donated

North Park Toyota Supports an Innovative Educational Program

Today, auto dealerships frequently contribute enthusiastically to worthy community causes, including educational initiatives. This type of civic activity helps inspire greater interest in school district programs on the part of many members of the public. It also benefits dealerships by demonstrating their commitment to the local community and its residents.

Inspiring Better High School Attendance

Recently in San Antonio, Texas, North Park Toyota made a generous contribution to the future of students enrolled in the Southwest Independent School District. Thirty senior students from each of the district's high schools participated in an innovative program. They competed to enter a drawing to receive a brand new car!

In order to gain eligibility for the drawing, the teens had to comply with specific guidelines for school attendance and academic performance. The possibility of winning a vehicle helped encourage some young people to achieve these goals. Including these two, North Park Toyota has donated a total of 10 new vehicles to Southwest ISD.

Awarding Two 2019 Toyota Yaris Vehicles

General Manager Tania Eubanks of North Park Toyota attended the award ceremony in which Southwest ISD presented the first two high school winners with new vehicles. Senior Fabian Perez from Southwest Legacy High School and Senior Kyara Johnson from Southwest High School each received a 2019 Toyota Yaris. Both young people expressed their gratitude.

The Toyota Yaris, a subcompact, has gained popularity in the United States since its first introduction in 1999. The automaker produces this model in a two-door coupe, a four-door sedan, and a hatchback.

Further Information About The 2019 Toyota Yaris

North Park Toyota of San Antonio welcomes customers interested in obtaining information about the Yaris, or any other Toyota models. Read a review of the 2019 Toyota Yaris and visit to take a test drive at our car dealership. You may also obtain specific details about the Yaris by emailing us online and having a sales representative contact you.

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