North Park Toyota Donates at Back to School Expo

North Park Toyota Donates Books to Back to School

North Park Toyota Supports Literacy

North Park Toyota showed its support of literacy within the community by sponsoring and contributing a generous donation of over 4,000 books at the San Antonio Back-to-School Expo.

Giving Back to the Community

The San Antonio Back-to-School Expo is an annual event that is meant to help kids get back-to-school ready with free services and items such as haircuts, immunizations, eye exams, school supplies and backpacks, physicals for kids participating in sports and of course, free books!

The goal of this completely free event is to ensure that no child is left out of whatever they may need because of their parent or caregiver's inability to pay. It is the belief of those who run the Expo that children shouldn't have to do without the necessities and from the amount of businesses and other charitable organizations that turn out and sponsor the event, it is apparent that they agree.

Over 4,000 Donated to Children

North Park Toyota was proud to be the sponsor of literacy and give back to the community during the event by donating over 4,000 books for the children in attendance of the event to choose from. Each child at the Expo was allowed to take any one book they wanted from the substantial donation. After waiting in the long line waiting patiently to take a look at the huge selection of books with their parents, children were walking away from the North Park Toyota booth with their chosen book with wide eyes and smiles while they opened the book they had picked for their own, looking at the pictures and already beginning to read.

Learn More By Contacting North Park Toyota

To find out more about North Park Toyota's sponsorship and contributions to the San Antonio Back-to-School expo, please call or stop by the dealership today.

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