Toyota Plans To Lead The Electric Vehicle Market Through Innovations

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Toyota Plans To Lead The Electric Vehicle Market Through Innovations And Partnerships

The recent announcement by world's number one automaker Toyota has brought excitement to the auto industry. Toyota announced that it is creating an in-house team to focus primarily on Electric Vehicles (EVs). At the same time, the motor dealer plans to start mass production of Electric Vehicles by the year 2020.

As an alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles, Toyota has been developing hybrid cars that are environmental friendly such as the fuel cell vehicles and FCVs. Toyota plans to sell more than five million electrified vehicles by 2030 and among these, one million will be totally "zero-emission" vehicles.

Toyota's swift shift in EVs come at a time when lead markets such as China are pressing automakers to seek alternatives to fossil fuel powered vehicles. China, which is Toyota's largest market, has made a draft proposal requiring automakers to have at least 8% of their sales to be battery eclectic or plug-in hybrid. China further requires automakers to increase this percentage to 10 by 2019 and 12 by 2020.

Toyota's efforts to produce EVs have been boosted by the partnership between Toyota and Mazda and Denso, which are Toyota’s biggest suppliers. The joint venture, called EV Common Architecture Spirit, will see Toyota take up a 90 percent stake while Mazda and Denso take up a 5 percent stake each.

The debate on alternatively powered vehicles has generated a lot of interest in various nations. Manufacturers cite the high cost of production as major hindrances to the faster actualization of EVs. However, Toyota aims to gradually introduce EVs into major markets while conducting further research and seeking alternative technologies.

Even as Toyota works hard to bring the consumer alternative products, working closely with dealers to introduce new models will still be a critical aspect for the automaker. At NorthPark Toyota, we are committed to ensuring that your Toyota experience is extraordinary. Our goal is to satisfy your needs for a car in San Antonio. With a sales team that understands the breadth of car ownership, we are ready to answer your queries on Toyota's Electric Vehicles and any other Toyota innovations. Visit us today and for any clarifications and plans on your automobile purchase.

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