Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles

Toyota Connect

Toyota recently announced that the cloud-based virtual assistant created by Amazon will be added to select Toyota vehicles soon. Amazon's Alexa technology is the perfect match for Toyota vehicles and can be used in certain models that have a specific infotainment system installed.

While the technology will start out with only a few models, Toyota expects to bring Alexa to a wider range of models for 2018.

Imagine driving down the road and being able to call up your virtual assistant simply by asking a question. Bringing the popular home technology into the automotive industry is just another reason Toyota stays ahead of the competition.

Alexa is going to make driving a different experience, bringing technology into Toyota vehicles that do not currently exist at this level. While some car manufacturers have attempted to create voice recognition virtual assistants, nothing compares to that already created by Amazon.

It only makes sense for Toyota to make the investment and bring Alexa into vehicles. Toyota is always looking for innovative ways to improve the experience of drivers and passengers in Toyota vehicles. Using Alexa as a virtual assistant is going to make a big difference to drivers throughout the world who enjoy technology that is hands-free.

The technology is familiar to many people, and this is why the transition from home to a vehicle can be virtually seamless. Small children know how to use Alexa in the home, so bringing a voice-activated virtual assistant to your car is the next logical step.

If you are interested in learning more about the Toyota models already using Amazon's Alexa, head over to North Park Toyota and we will sit down with you to talk about your options. Our sales staff have been trained in the technology, and are ready to explain to you the various benefits to Amazon's Alexa in your next Toyota vehicle.

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