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Off-Road the Right Way with Toyota Tips

Knowing how to tackle treacherous terrain is a great skill to have, as you never know when you will need to get off the road.  Having a vehicle that can handle this task is the first step to being a master of off-roading, and then knowing the right practices is the next step.

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner can handle off-road terrain, and using this model experts Andy Bell and Rutledge Wood answer one fans question...

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Get the Best Service Available for Your Toyota

And that best level of care, of course, is available right here at our San Antonio, TX dealership's excellent service center. In this commercial for Toyota's Brake Savings Event, you'll find out why it's always best to have your new Toyota model taken care of by the experts. Take a quick look.

We hope that slightly terrifying example is enough to answer the question of why you should use Toyota Service…

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The Muppets go for a Spin in the 2014 Toyota Highlander

It has been almost a month since the Muppets were featured in the "Big Game" ad for the 2014 Toyota Highlander. That felted bunch really showed Terry Cruise how to get the most fun out of this Highlander and they've continued their driving trips in this roomy SUV.

It's nice to see that despite their celebrity status the Muppets are just like us: they have dessert cravings, are occasionally short on cash, and sometimes get a little too bold.

Hmm, it didn't seem like Orchid was too interested in Rowlf and Rizzo, but thanks to their ice…

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TRD Pro Series Gives Toyota Models a Rugged Look and Feel

Toyota is taking an aggressive step in developing a lineup that's ideal for the adventuresome lifestyle, which has us here at our San Antonio, TX dealership really excited. Toyota's TRD Pro series does just that, as this video shows a trio of cars handling rocky terrain with no problem. Take a look at the new trim from Toyota and come by our dealership to tell us what you think.

We're not exactly…

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Life, Passion, and Toyota

We here at North Park Toyota Of San Antonio want to do several things, two of which are get you into a new Toyota that meets all your expectations as well as find you a model that offers all the features that you need to get your career off at optimal levels. For one woman, the model that works best in her life is the 2014 Corolla, helping her get from place to place for?

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Toyota Prepares to have Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Ready for 2015

As many of you know, Toyota has been busy developing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle over the last few years. Its latest FCV concept model was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, where the automaker confirmed the production version is scheduled to hit the market in 2015.

This exciting news comes about a decade and a half after Toyota brought us the Prius, and became known as one of the leaders of hybrid technology. Now...

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The 2014 Toyota Tundra Handles Family Business

When most people think of a family friendly new Toyota the first few models that come to mind are the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla. North Park Toyota of San Antonio is here to break that stereotype for you. Of course we aren?t saying the Camry and Corolla aren't great family cars, they most defiantly are. We just want you to know they are not your only options.

We have recently heard…

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Toyota Baja Production Facility Tenth Anniversary

It is evident when you walk into the new Toyota showroom at North Park Toyota of San Antonio that the Japanese automaker has developed a pretty impressive lineup. One thing that many people in the greater San Antonio area may not be aware of is that some of these new vehicles have been produced in the United States.

The Toyota Baja production facility was started in 2003 and has been churning out new Toyota models…

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Toyota Encourages Safe Teen Driving with the TeenDrive365 Program

The first year you have your license driving is a thrilling freedom. However, many teens are not aware of how seriously they can be hurt from one wrong turn behind the wheel. Sure they understand accidents can result in death, but most teenagers have the ?I am invincible? and ?it would never happen to me? mentality. Toyota recognizes this and has made a valiant effort to put a stop to dangerous teenage driving.

In terms…

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